Our goal

We strive to provide investment returns that, with reasonable consistency and over the long term, exceed the average returns of competing funds with comparable policies and risk parameters.

Our strategy

These four principles have been intrinsic to our company since inception. Their combination represents an enduring investment philosophy that helps clients assemble diversified and well-balanced investment portfolios.


Minimize investment costs as markets are unpredictable while costs are forever


Develop suitable asset allocation using broadly diversified investment products


Create clear & appropriate investment goals


Maintain perspective and long-term discipline

User benefits


Users have detailed information about their investments


Investment accounts are opened in the user’s name at CDC


Users can access and manage their own investments online

Tech Driven

Our cutting-edge systems automatically rebalance your portfolio and help you invest smarter


Users can customize their investment portfolios according to their goals and risk preferences

Greater control

Users have more control over their investments allowing them to make better decisions

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